We Are Borderless

Borderless is a family of organizations, ministries, businesses and churches who are together committed to breaking barriers in our borderless world for the sake of Kingdom transformation.

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How we got started


How we got started

Our history dates back to 2005, when we got our start as a small, Chicago-based ministry focused on church planting and advocacy efforts among refugees and immigrants.

Over the years, God has extended our influence and impact and today we are actively engaged in work around the world to bring hope and wholeness to peoples scattered everywhere.

Whether we are planting churches among unreached peoples in the United States, training coffee growers in Uganda, creating missiological resources in the Philippines, educating vulnerable children in Ethiopia or learning from the experiences of displaced refugees or migrant laborers in Jordan, Singapore or the United Arab Emirates, our purpose does not change.

We believe that the reign of God brings transformation, liberty, dignity, and reconciliation – that is what we are called to bring to every nation and every sphere of society.

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How we think about and engage in mission is shaped by 3 key values:

[ 1 ] Mission should have a clear inaugurated and eschatological goal. That is, we should understand WHAT GOD IS DOING[ 2 ] Mission organizations should have a highly contextualized and dynamic view of the world, its peoples and their own life situations. That is, we should understand WHAT THE WORLD IS LIKE.  [ 3 ] Missionaries should lead an incarnational, cruciform, and victorious way of life which grows out of a personal and corporate sense of identity as family members of the Lord Jesus. That is, we should understand WHO WE ARE AND HOW WE SHOULD LIVE.

Kingdom Transformation

We seek to avoid “the lofty immeasurable” and the “all too doable”.


A Borderless World

We begin with the terms “contextual” and “dynamic”, which underline our conviction.


Breaking Barriers

Some are physical, some are social and psychological, some are spiritual. All separate. All hinder.




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