19 and counting: an update on Goh Bright Future

Last August, we asked you to pray for the first set of church planters with Goh Bright Future who were about to start their assignments in September.

Praise the Lord that nineteen churches have been planted!  Please pray that these new brothers and sisters will grow in maturity individually and as a group.  Lift up the church planters, that they will continue in humility, integrity and renewed strength.

Two more workers are being sent out.  These two will be focused on a different population.  Please pray that the Lord will show His favor upon them as they spread the knowledge of the Prince of Peace’s reign.  Pray that hearts will be softened to accept the Word.  Ask for God’s physical and spiritual protection for these two workers.

Please continue to pray that the Lord will provide the people and the financial support to plant many more churches in Ethiopia.

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