A departure and an addition (sort of)

Please pray for TIBM as we continue this time of transition.

Our church planting intern Ian will be finishing his time with us at the end of this month.  Ian will be moving to South Korea, where he will be teaching at a school and assisting a church in starting an English-speaking ministry.  He will also continue in the process of becoming a part of Converge with the aim to serve the Lord in Japan.

Pray that Ian’s time with TIBM will continue to bear fruit in his life.  Pray that Ian will trust the Lord with the people he is leaving, many of whom are not following Jesus.  Pray also that before he leaves Ian will be able to clearly communicate love to his grandfather, who has a serious health issue, and that his grandfather would be reconciled to God.  Ask God to raise up many prayer and financial supporters for Ian to work in Japan.

Our worship leader John has now joined our team as an intern.  John will be building on his previous experiences in the North Africa and Middle Eastern region as well as his knowledge of Arabic to help TIBM move forward in ministry among certain people groups.  John will also be preparing the groundwork for the S family, who hope to join us later this year.

Please pray that John will clearly discern which people group(s) the Lord has prepared for this time.  Pray that he will develop solid relationships with persons of peace.  Ask God to use John and the S family to help many people know the Prince of Peace.  Pray that the skills and experiences he acquires during his internship will help inform his long-term work, wherever that may be.

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