A First at the College of DuPage

As fall semester classes start this week at the College of DuPage, one of largest community colleges in the U.S., we ask for your prayers for the 35,000+ students, faculty and staff.

This semester also marks the first time that people in each of our suburban ministries will be taking classes.  In addition to the first Karen high school graduates in the area, there are students from Tensae, from TriEak Parmeshwar Mandali, and from the TIBM neighborhood.

Please pray for all COD students to receive quality education from their classes.  Pray that the students who follow Jesus to be moved by the Holy Spirit to pray for and bless their fellow students.  Pray that the many students who do not follow Jesus will have an opportunity to hear and experience the good news He offers.

Pray for 1Stone, our on-campus ministry, to share God’s love with words and actions.  Pray that the weekly group times will be encouraging and effective for equipping.  Pray that the partnership between different campus ministries will reflect the unity Christ paid for and will bring more reconciliation to COD.  Pray for wisdom for Sarah, the 1Stone facilitator, as she prepares to leave in December.  Ask God to send more workers to COD.

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