A Karen Friend with Cancer

We’ve asked for prayers many times for a particular Karen family close to us.  If you already know Eh Shun and Thun Tun & their story, you can skip ahead to the bold part.  If you don’t them, read on for part of the ongoing testimony of our friends.

Eh Shun and Thun Tun are dear to us because we’ve walked alongside them the whole time they have lived in the States, through times of joy and sorrow.  When they arrived as refugees from Burma/Myanmar (by way of Thailand) in 2008, we helped welcome them to their first apartment and, with the help of a partnering church, gave them basic items like towels, pots and pans, toothbrushes, onions.  Very soon after that, with the help of Pastor Soe Rah, we shared with them the story of God’s good news.  Eh Shun and Thun Tun, along with their daughter, soon decided to follow Jesus and to make their decision public through baptism later that year.  (Their oldest son was very young at the time.)   Thun Tun, the husband/father, put their faith this way, “We will follow Jesus until the day that we die.”

Around the time of the baptisms, Eh Shun found out she was pregnant.   Her mom back in Thailand told her a “witch doctor” said the baby would not live.  Even when the ultrasound showed the baby had developmental abnormalities and some of the doctors suggested an abortion, Eh Shun and Thun Tun wanted to have the baby because “God made the baby.”  Baby David lived, lavished by love, for just over three weeks before, as God revealed to Eh Shun in a dream, going to play with Jesus.  Their young faith in Jesus, though challenged, stood firm.

Last year, after a somewhat complicated pregnancy, Eh Shun gave birth to another son.  Although the doctors are keeping an eye on his kidneys, Jonathan is overall healthy and growing well.  Like his siblings, he is a cute kid.

Over the years, we have brought many of the week-long volunteers and summer interns to meet Eh Shun and Thun Tun.  The family has always shown an abundance of hospitality and generosity — not just of food but also of their own story.  We have been blessed over and over again by their friendship and being able to walk through life with them.   Just last week, we rejoiced when Eh Shun took her oath to become a US citizen.

This past weekend, Thun Tun went to the hospital because of a painful lymph node.  The medical team informed him that he has a very life-threatening cancer.  They plan on starting radiation treatment soon.  The family has not yet talked with the oncologist or received the results of the scan, so we don’t know many details yet.

Please pray that God will bring healing to Thun Tun.  Pray that the Lord will strengthen this family’s faith.  Ask God to give the family peace and comfort as they deal with this troubling news.  Pray that the Body of Christ will pour love onto this family through prayer, fellowship and meeting practical needs.  May the devil’s efforts to destroy and discourage this family be utterly fruitless.  Pray that God’s goodness and faithfulness to this family will be evident to all through the quick, miraculous healing of Thun Tun.

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  1. An update: Thun Tun is in the middle of an intense plan of treatment, which has led to much physical discomfort. Please pray for him to be strengthened in body and in spirit. Please also pray for God’s provision for this family’s financial needs. We rejoice that this family is holding firm to their faith in the Lord Jesus.

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