A Life-changing Summer

For the past five years, TIBM has had the wonderful opportunity to host summer interns from around the country.  This summer, we are expecting Andy, a Mississippi college student, and potentially 2 to 4 young women to join our ministry team.  (The assignment process for the women is still ongoing, which is why we are not sure how many will be joining us and why we aren’t sharing their names.  It makes for awkwardly worded prayer requests below, but oh well.)

Please pray for Andy and the other interns to be spiritually well-prepared to serve the Lord.  Pray that they will have humble attitudes, walk with integrity, and be eager to learn.  Pray that they will have strong prayer support from their friends and families at home throughout their internship and in the crucial months afterwards.  Pray that Andy and the other interns will begin friendships with people from many nations that will last for eternity.  Pray that their experiences with TIBM this summer will help them discern God’s directions in their lives.

Please pray that the Lord’s decision about the other interns would be quickly known so that we can all plan accordingly.

Please pray for TIBM to clearly discern what God would have our summer interns learn and do.  Pray that we would effectively disciple and equip them this summer in ways which will help them in Kingdom work throughout their lives.  Pray that we would be ready to receive and incorporate the gifts the Holy Spirit has given to each intern.  Ask the Lord to provide for the interns’ housing, meals, transportation, and other logistical needs.

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  1. Our other intern is Ashley from Ohio. Andy and Ashley will begin their work with TIBM at the beginning of June. Please pray for them as they prepare and throughout the summer!

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