A Month in Zambia

Please join us in praying for the team from a Borderless church who will be in Zambia for a month-long mission trip. Pastor Davies will be visiting his homeland with a small group from Joy Ministries International to look into several possible opportunities for business as mission ventures and for ministry partnerships.

Please ask the Lord to give the group safe and pleasant travels — in the car, on the many airplanes, on foot, etc. Their flight itineraries have several brief connections; please pray that both they and their baggage will reach the proper destinations in a timely way.

Please ask the Lord to grant them good health throughout the month and, especially for those who have not been to Zambia before, the ability to receive whatever food they are served with joy. Pray that the group will serve together well, united with the heart and mind of Christ.

Pray that the Lord will give them wisdom and insight as they explore possibilities. Pray that the Lord will open the doors that will lead to fruitfulness. Pray that these businesses will make quality products or services available in a God-honoring way, that employees will be disciples in the Lord and that profits will help advance the Kingdom.

Pray for the other members of Joy Ministries International to be encouraged as a group and to grow in faith and spiritual maturity during Pastor Davies’ physical absence.

Please also take a couple minutes to pray along with this prayer video for Zambia.

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