A new semester for 1Stone

The College of DuPage is one of the largest community colleges in the country, with an enrollment of 25 – 31,000 students. As the fall semester starts, we ask you to pray for 1Stone, our campus ministry there.

Please pray that more students at COD will be aware of 1Stone, especially during today’s student activities fair.  Pray that the Lord will move in the  hearts of believers to care about their classmates and other students on campus.  Pray that students who want to learn more about Jesus will be able to meet with believers.  Pray for wisdom for Sarah and the other 1Stone leaders.  Please pray that God’s love will be clearly reflected in His people as 1Stone seeks to be more active in meeting needs.  Ask the Lord to bring unity to the Christian student groups at COD.  Pray that as lives are transformed at COD, other campuses across Illinois will also be impacted.

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