A-p-p-l-e picking!

Our ESL ministry is in full swing for the semester.  On Thursday evenings we hold five different levels of classes and provide transportation and childcare as needed.  During our break times, we have snacks, tell stories from the Bible, and pray together.  This year, our Bible stories are focusing on the life of Jesus.

We want to do a great job of helping people improve their English but we also want to foster friendships.  Not only do the ESL workers want to help their students and children feel welcomed and loved, but they also want to help strengthen the broader community.  It is wonderful to see, for instance, a Karen man who follows Jesus develop a friendship with an older Bhutanese Nepali Hindu man through their interactions at ESL.

This Saturday, the ESL classes are going apple picking.  People will share rides, picnic together, pick apples (of course) and other available fruit & hopefully have a great time.  Please pray for pleasant weather, for smooth transportation (including not getting lost), and for grace-filled conversations.

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One thought on “A-p-p-l-e picking!

  1. The weather was fantastic and about three dozen students & family members had a great time! One student did get ‘lost’ but it’s just a fun story now. Thanks for praying.

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