A time for rest, reflection & refocusing

The TIBM team is taking its annual retreat this week.  Our time will be a mix of work and play, but hopefully all in the context of Christ-centered fellowship.

Please pray for us to have an enjoyable and relaxing time together.  Pray that in community we would discern God’s directions as we consider this last year of ministry and as we look to the future.

Pray for Cody to have the focused time and Spirit-led insight to prepare Bible study lessons from 2 Corinthians.  Pray that this study in God’s Word will be fruitful for the team in the months to come.

Ask the Lord to provide for the additional money needed to cover all expenses.

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One thought on “A time for rest, reflection & refocusing

  1. Thanks for your prayers! We had a great time together – playing games & team building exercises, reflecting on God’s Word & what He has been doing in our lives, and eating yummy food. A special thank you to the people of Cran-Hill Ranch!

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