A training, a conference & 3 classes (oh my!)

Over the next week, TIBM is participating in or helping with several different events designed to encourage and equip Christ-followers to engage diaspora peoples.  Please pray for each of these:

Now – April 18: People Group Discovery Training (Carol Stream, IL).  One of the first practical steps in engaging diaspora peoples is knowing who are the people in your neighborhood.  This event is teaching people how to identify and map people groups in a metropolitan area.  As we’ve mentioned before, TIBM has already begun conducting this research in Chicagoland (you can see the map so far here) and is helping facilitate some of the field training for this workshop.  Please pray those attending the training will put the skills they learn to use and teach others to do the same.  Pray that the people group maps which are produced as a result of this research will spur local Christ-followers to action, especially to share the good news of Jesus Christ with unreached peoples.

April 18-20: Ethnic America Network Summit (Wheaton/West Chicago, IL).  As described by the organizers, this summit is designed to “train and equip church/ministry leaders as well as lay people for cross cultural ministries and also provide great opportunities for networking and collaboration.”  Cody will be leading a seminar about contextualization among diaspora peoples.  Please ask the Lord to give Cody the right words to speak and to be able to share humbly and confidently.  Other TIBM-ers will be attending various parts of the conference.  Please pray that the ideas and experiences shared during the summit will equip, encourage, and challenge God’s people in ministry to, through and beyond diaspora peoples.

April 21-23: Perspectives class (several locations in Michigan).  The Perspectives class teaches Christ-followers God’s story of redeeming the nations and how to be involved (obediently) in that story.  Traditionally, the course is taught by a group of lecturers who bring in their own experiences and fields of interest.  Cody’s teaching will correspond with the unit on “Pioneer Church Planting”.  Please ask God to give Cody wisdom as he finishes his preparations.  Pray that he will effectively communicate the challenges and opportunities of starting churches among those who have never heard the gospel of Jesus as good news before.  Ask the Lord of the harvest to call forth more workers among the students of these classes.

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