We consist of literally dozens of organizations, ministries, businesses and churches with many men and women providing leadership at every level. These global efforts are overseen and guided by our board of directors and staff.

Board of Directors:
  • Eric Aidoo (Ghana)
  • Jessica Jensen (USA)
  • Gloria Katusiime, Chairperson (Uganda)
  • Vincent Lee (Singapore)
  • Cody Lorance (USA)
  • Katherine Lorance (USA)
  • P. Rajendran (India)
  • Cody Lorance, President and CEO
  • Katherine Lorance, Director of Prayer Mobilization and Strategy
  • Tim Nagle, Finance and Logistics Coordinator

Borderless Business Association:

Borderless is committed to starting healthy businesses around the world for the sake of mission. Our business endeavors consist of a number of independent businesses whose CEOs voluntarily associate and collaborate as the “Borderless Business Association (BBA)” in order to support the vision of Borderless.

BBA Members:
  • Gloria Katusiime, Managing Director of Endiro Coffee, Ltd., Co-Director of Endiro Growers Uganda
  • Vincent Lee, Chief Executive Officer of Des!9n House LLC / Can You Print That
  • Cody Lorance, Chief Executive Officer of Renew & Reveal Publications, Co-Director of Endiro Growers Uganda