Always Advancing

Always advancing.

This is a watchword for us at Borderless in 2016.  It doesn’t mean don’t rest.  It means keep moving forward, keep progressing. The Kingdom is advancing, always.  So Kingdom work must make progress.

2016-01-20 16.12.48
Potential future coffee shop site in Uganda

Here in Uganda, it seems every arriving plane has a least a few Americans on it who are coming to check up on their orphanage.  It’s a good impulse.  So many vulnerable children. So let’s start a home, or help one.  What rarely seems to be considered is how to avoid merely “addressing” a problem and instead to actually try to solve it.  The difference between the two concepts is vast — just as “always doing something nice” is vastly different than “always advancing.”

So we’ve spent time the past two days with thoughts on both suring up what is established and also advancing.  Expanding, developing, increasing, maturing the work.

Please pray for these days of planning. Today and tomorrow are especially devoted to seeking God’s will for our Kingdom ventures.  We are asking him for wisdom in a spirit of full expectation that he will surely give it.  But do pray.  Also, please support us financially.  We trust that God will more than meet our needs and indeed yesterday a rather major one was met by someone very unexpected.  In keeping with today’s theme, as the Spirit leads you, give a donation to our “Venture Fund”, which is a strategic, renewable fund dedicated especially to advance.

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