And Mbale makes three!

Please celebrate with us over the opening of Endiro‘s third coffee shop this month!

Endiro’s second coffee shop opened in Kampala in December 2013

Endiro is one of TIBM’s ministries in Africa working to make an impact among children and youth who have been impacted by HIV/AIDS.  A portion of the profits from high quality coffee shops in Uganda are helping meet the physical, educational and spiritual needs of orphans and children with HIV/AIDS.  The first two coffee shops were in Kampala, the largest city in the country, but this third shop is in Mbale, a major city in another region.  The area around Mbale has been ravaged by HIV/AIDS; it is also an important coffee growing area.  There is great potential to use the coffee business — from growing the beans to serving cappuccinos — to provide future economic opportunities for child-headed homes.

Endiro's profits went to help orphans attend, live at and be taken care of at this school.
Endiro’s contributions helped orphans attend, live at and be taken care of at this school.

Praise God for the success of Endiro’s coffee shops!  Thank Him for the far-reaching vision He has given to Endiro’s director in Uganda, Gloria.  Praise God for the children whose lives have already been impacted by Endiro and for the opportunity to help transform more lives in the future.

Please pray that God will continue to bless Endiro so that Endiro may bless the peoples of Uganda.  Ask the Lord to provide trustworthy and capable managers to oversee the routine operations of the coffee shops.  Pray for God to also provide more workers who share Gloria’s vision and passion for facilitating life transformations.

Please also pray specifically for the Lord’s provision and protection over Gloria.  Earlier this year, her house was robbed and her laptop — which she used for business operations — was stolen.  While she is renting a computer now, pray that she will soon be able to purchase a new one.  Pray that the Lord will continue to guide Gloria as she leads Endiro to greater ministry.

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