Announcing Borderless Prayer: an Advent Guide to Praying for the People on the Move

We live at an exciting time with so much potential for a move of God to spread from one location to another, from one ethnic group to many others. We have the chance to join God’s work in the movement of peoples through our prayers. So that we might pray in unity and see spiritual breakthroughs, we have prepared Borderless Prayer: an Advent Guide to Praying for the People on the Move. Look for a new post each day during Advent, starting November 27. You can now also order the entire prayer guide in the paperback or Kindle edition.

God’s work through diaspora movement – the migration of individuals and peoples from one place to another – encompasses many locations, many ethnic groups and many situations. In some cases, it is people of God who have moved to a land shrouded in spiritual darkness. In others, it is people who have never met a Christ-follower who find themselves in cities filled with churches. There are many other scenarios.

Borderless Prayer aims to represent the diversity of God’s purposes for diaspora but should not be seen as comprehensive. As we pray into the movement of peoples, we also recognize the need to repent for past and ongoing sins related to diaspora, including the oppression of indigenous peoples and the scourge of human trafficking. We pray that which was meant for evil, God will use to bring about the salvation of many.

Each week will begin with a devotional focused on the life of Jesus and a suggested prayer in response. The more we look to Christ, the more we will have God’s heart for diaspora peoples and issues.

The prayer prompts given each day are meant to be conversation starters with the Lord. First, we hear what God has said in His Word, usually with quoted Scripture. Next, we can reply with the suggested prayer. Then, we invite God to speak to us again by asking Him how else to pray. Listen for His answers, which may come (perhaps but not always immediately) in the form of a song, a verse, an image, etc.

Finally, the practical suggestions for action are ways for you to connect with God’s work with diaspora movement in ways besides intercessory prayer. Perhaps some of these ideas will help you to engage with a diaspora individual or people in your context. Perhaps you will be the answer to someone’s prayer!

Many brothers and sisters in the Lord from around the world contributed to Borderless Prayer. We thank God for their prayers, their willingness to help and their faithful service to Him. May our Father richly bless each one of them.

Let’s pray that the movement of people will be the movement of the good news of Christ and His Kingdom until He returns! God is with us!

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