Another Son

Our dear friends, Eh Shun and Thun Tun, are expecting their baby boy to be born any day now.  Eh Shun currently has high blood pressure (pre-eclampsia) and she is scheduled to have a C-section on Tuesday.  Wednesday will be the third anniversary of their second son David’s death.  Born with several life-threatening conditions, baby David lived a little over three weeks.  It was heartbreaking.

Eh Shun and Thun Tun had never heard of Jesus before coming to the States as Karen refugees (from Burma/Myanmar by way of Thailand).  Soon after hearing the story of God’s good news, they and their daughter decided to follow the Lord together.  (Their oldest son was very young at the time.)  Their experience with David happened less than a year after they started following Jesus but their faith has remained strong by the grace of God.

Praise God for giving this new life.  Please pray that the delivery will go smoothly and this baby boy will be healthy.  Pray specifically that his kidneys will work.  Ask God to enable Eh Shun, Thun Tun, and their kids to readily and joyfully love this baby.  Pray that with this birth, everyone around this family will see His hand at work.  Pray that this family will continue to grow in their knowledge and trust in the Lord.

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