Answered Prayers in Hong Kong: the Him Glo Summit

October 31, 2011.

A piece of paper with this date has been pinned on a wall in the room in which TriEak Parmeshwar Mandali meets for almost a year.  When Cody returned from the Third Lausanne Congress in Cape Town last October, TPM prayerfully decided to become involved in three of the major global issues identified by the Congress: unreached people groups, HIV/AIDS, and human trafficking.  Everyone, including people who had not yet (and still have not) made commitments to follow Christ, eagerly affirmed the importance of these issues and the need for TPM to minister somehow in these areas.  The church made a goal of doing something concrete in each of these areas within the next year.

Since then, TPM been active in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with various Bhutanese Nepali communities around the U.S.  As most Nepali people groups are considered “least reached,”  TPM has enjoyed the many opportunities to spread the message of salvation through Jesus to those who have never heard it before.  In addition to physically visiting people living in other cities and welcoming visitors from other places, TPM members have also been able to share with friends and relatives over the phone and on the internet.  The Lord has also used the church to re-open the minds and hearts of many of those who had dismissed Christ because of previous negative experiences with Nepali Christians.  Please pray that TPM will continue to faithfully bring the good news to least reached peoples.

Although many members knew of people who had disappeared in Nepal as probable victims of human trafficking or people who were dealing with HIV/AIDS, the church had not made much progress in determining how to help.  What an answer to prayer for Cody to meet Nepalis working with these issues at the Himalayan Global Summit!  One man who assists those with HIV/AIDS was able to give some suggestions in a video greeting recorded for TPM.  Another man works to help sex workers in India get off the streets.  The women, many of whom are Nepali, learn to make jewelry; this man’s ministry sells the jewelry and returns the money to the women.  He gave about three dozen pairs of earrings for Cody to bring back to the U.S.; TPM members have already started buying these for themselves and selling them to friends.  Please pray that, through TPM’s efforts, many people living with HIV/AIDS and many victims of human trafficking will be comforted and have the hope found in the One True God.

Pray that TPM’s commitment to ministering to unreached people groups, those with HIV/AIDS, and those affected by human trafficking will be an encouragement and a challenge to other churches (Nepali and non-Nepali).

We are also thankful for the way God answered many other prayers for the Him Glo Summit:

We praise God that, despite some major travel delays, the plenary session speaker (who is also Cody’s friend) arrived safely and was able to deliver one of his messages.  We praise God for the new, simpler language, Nepali Bibles which have all safely arrived in Chicagoland.  We praise God for the other Nepali resources we have obtained, including worship CDs, Bible story booklets for kids, and short books containing a biblical perspective on family issues.  We praise God for Cody’s friends in Hong Kong — brothers and sisters who were once international students in Oklahoma City — who really took care of him throughout the week, affirmed TIBM’s ministry, and even helped with packing the Bibles and other resources.  We praise God that Cody was able to share many wonderful stories of God’s work during his presentations on diaspora missions.   And we praise God for the warm, encouraging greetings sent by many Nepali leaders to TPM.

Thank you for praying with us!  We hope you too are rejoicing in God’s faithfulness.

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