Ask God to fix a laptop – urgent prayer request

As Cody has mentioned, he is currently in Uganda working on several projects with Endiro Coffee. Endiro is in the process of applying for funding from various sources for these projects. Cody has just informed me that his laptop, which was purchased new two months ago, has stopped working.

Please pray that God will make the laptop work again right away so that Cody can complete documents that are needed tomorrow. Pray against the plans of the enemy to hinder these projects.

UPDATE: Cody was able to complete the documents needed today, but his other devices have also stopped working properly. He has also determined that the laptop cannot be repaired in Uganda. There is much more work that needs to be done on a computer. Please pray.

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One thought on “Ask God to fix a laptop – urgent prayer request

  1. Oh no – how discouraging! Praying that God would repair and restore the laptop. Praying that He will make a way for all the necessary documents to be completed.

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