Breaking down barriers during Ramadan


Ramadan, the month when Muslims traditionally fast during daylight hours, begins this year from June 6 to July 5. Many Muslims view this month as an opportunity to grow in spiritual dedication and sacrifice. Many hope to experience a revelation of God. The pre-dawn meal and the breaking of the fast in the evening are often focused on family and community.

Followers of Christ are called to love God and to love our neighbors as ourselves. Here are a few suggestions for ways Christ-followers can break down barriers during Ramadan and demonstrate love to our Muslim neighbors:

  1. Each day of Ramadan, ask the Creator to bless Muslims with a greater understanding of Himself and His purposes for their lives. Many Christ-followers around the world join in prayer for Muslims using this prayer guide. You can pray for Muslims you know by name. Perhaps you can pray for various countries with significant Muslim populations.
  2. Consider fasting during Ramadan. This is one way to identify in part with the nearly 1.6 billion people who are likely to be fasting during Ramadan.
  3. Ask Muslims you know about Ramadan and their experiences. See if you can share a meal to break the fast. Ask how you can pray for them.
  4. Find ways you can help Muslims in difficult circumstances during Ramadan. For instance, the meals together become more important. How can we show kindness to Muslims experiencing financial hardship, personal loss, separation from family, fleeing from war-torn homelands, etc.?
  5. Take time to pray for Christ-followers who live in Muslim-majority areas. Life during Ramadan often moves at a different rhythm. Pray that brothers and sisters in Christ around the world would know how to break down barriers so that the love of God might be better displayed.

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