Celebrating God the Creator

The TIBM neighborhood summer events are kicking off this weekend!

First, on the evening of July 3, we will host Creation Festival, a time when we present the story of God creating everything through fun, multi-sensory activities.  Pray that those who attend will know that God the Creator loves them.

Then, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays for the next five weeks, we will host King Jesus Kids Club.  During these times, we will have games, crafts, and stories for neighborhood kids.  This year, we are trying a couple new things: meeting in the mornings to try to avoid the heat and training some of the older kids to be “junior leaders.” Pray for those who attend to know that God the Creator is powerful and good.  Pray for the junior leaders to develop Christ-like character, having servant hearts and respectful attitudes.

Finally, on August 7, we will host Neighbor Day Festival.  At this fun block party, we emphasize one of Jesus’s teachings — to love your neighbor as yourself.  Those involved with King Jesus Kids Club present a skit based on the story of the Good Samaritan.  Please pray that our neighbors would recognize the love of God the Creator.  Pray that followers of Jesus would be encouraged to demonstrate love across cultural and religious boundaries.

For all these events, please pray for wisdom for Jeri and Jamie Lynn as they lead in planning and organizing activities.  Please also pray for pleasant weather & against mosquitoes.  Pray that nothing would hinder those who want to learn more about God the Creator.

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