Church Equipping Conference

Please pray for Cody as he leads two breakout sessions tomorrow (Saturday) on interfaith dialogue and relationship building at the Church Equipping Conference near Detroit.  We thank God for this opportunity to partner with brothers and sisters and share what we have learned in our ministry.  Ask God to give Cody the words to speak.  Pray that Cody’s sessions will help those who attend to better convey love and truth with people of other faiths in ways that seem like good news.  There are many different breakout sessions, so please pray that the right people will attend these two.  Pray that the whole conference will encourage and challenge followers of Christ in Michigan in their pursuit of God.

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One thought on “Church Equipping Conference

  1. Thanks for praying! Cody’s two sessions were well attended and, as far as he can tell, well received. We pray that those who attended will continue to learn about cross-cultural and interfaith communication so that the love of Christ may be more clearly displayed to more people.

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