Collaborating to Plant Churches in Chicago

12573880_10153159322231403_8870626443903321655_nSince 2004, we have been actively involved in church planting in the Chicago area.  God has blessed our efforts and despite Satan’s many attempts to destroy our work, progress has been made.  We rejoice that every week, there are many people around the city that are worshiping in churches that we helped to start.  Still, as I look at the landscape today, I’ve never been more optimistic about our church planting outlook.  We have some great planters from around the world that we are working with and have some really promising, new and redefined old partnerships to leverage.  2016 is sure to be a year of great advance in church planting for Borderless around the world.

The photo here is a shot from a full day of meetings with planters and partners. I’m excited about our one-by-one planting and also our specific DC70K project. Big things are coming! Stay tuned.

In the meantime, do pray for all the planning, mentoring, strategizing and more. There is so much to do.  And don’t forget to support us.  To be blunt, we need money to make this happen.

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