Continuing a Great Partnership

This coming week, we welcome again church members from Grand Ave Baptist Church in Ames, Iowa.  Over the past few years, Grand Ave has formed a partnership with TIBM which has been a blessing to both.  It began when the church sent a small group of volunteers to walk (literally and figuratively) with us for a week.  During that brief time, the Lord stirred the hearts of a young couple for the nations in Chicagoland.  Last year, Grand Ave commissioned that couple to work full-time with TIBM.  We have been blessed to see the continued love, support and encouragement Grand Ave has provided in the past year.

Praise God for this wonderful display of the Body united in heart and in action.  Please pray that the visitors from Grand Ave will have safe and pleasant travels.  Pray that as they walk alongside the couple over the next few days, they will gain insights into how to provide even more support and encouragement for the next six months.  Pray too that the couple will clearly communicate what they have been learning so that Grand Ave as a whole may be edified and better equipped to serve the nations in Iowa.

Please pray that the Lord will raise up more partners like Grand Ave for TIBM!

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