Countdown to Global Diaspora Forum 2015 in Manila

In less than two months, several hundred leaders will gather in the name of Jesus at Manila in order to address the opportunities and challenges of global diaspora facing the Church. What does it look like to “go and make disciples of all nations” at this time in history when well over 200 million people live outside their country of birth?

TIBM has had the great honor of helping plan for this Forum from the start several years ago. We are excited to see these efforts come together near the end of March.

We’ve listed here some ways you can pray for the Forum. We have put in bold ways to pray specifically for TIBM’s role in the Forum. Please see the Global Diaspora Network’s website for more information about the Forum and check their Twitter account (@globaldiaspora) for other prayer requests.

1. Pray for Forum leaders to prioritize worship and prayer in their own lives so that they may receive the strength, energy and clarity needed in these last few weeks of preparation.

2. Pray for the timely completion and distribution of the Compendium, a scholarly resource on diaspora and the Church. Pray that the chapters which Cody and Lachi helped write will lead to meaningful discussions.

3. Pray that the Forum program will effectively facilitate learning, discussion and obedience. Pray for Cody as he organizes the time devoted to the issue of diaspora and ecclesiology. Pray for Cody, Gloria, Vincent & others as they plan the evening sessions for reflection and challenge.

4. Pray for many intercessors to lift up the Forum and diaspora related issues both at the site in Manila and around the world. Pray for Katherine as she continues to mobilize prayer and finalizes details for coordinating the prayer ministry during the Forum.

5. Pray for God’s protection over Forum participants, including Cody, Katherine, Gloria and Vincent. Pray He will provide for airfare, hotel and food for each one.

6. Pray that the Forum will hasten the day when the movement of peoples becomes the movement of the good news of Jesus and God’s kingdom.

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