Countdown to Neighbor Day Festival

Our annual Neighbor Day Festival is just around the corner, on August 1.  This festival is basically a big block party in the TIBM house church neighborhood where neighbors hang out, eat together and have fun.  A group of neighborhood kids usually re-tell through a skit one of the stories Jesus told about what it means to love your neighbor.

There will probably be more prayer requests about Neighbor Day in the next couple weeks, but for now:

Please pray that the logistical stuff will fall into place — that we’ll obtain helpful items to give away to families who come, that we’ll find a place to put the huge inflatable (and super fun) obstacle course we’ve rented, that lots of neighbors and their friends will want to share their talents as entertainment, that the weather will be comfortable.

Please also pray that all of our neighbors, from all religious backgrounds, will feel loved by their neighbors.  Pray that followers of Jesus will especially strive to show love to their neighbors.

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2 thoughts on “Countdown to Neighbor Day Festival

  1. Thanks for praying!

    We were able to offer each family some school supplies and a movie about the life of Jesus (dubbed in many languages). Instead of the obstacle course we had a huge inflatable moon bounce with a slide (which I can personally attest to being fun). We had a good number of friends and neighbors who sang, danced and showed off self-defense moves. The weather was mostly sunny. Neighbors from many backgrounds commented that they felt a real sense of community at the festival.

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