Diaspora Forum in Manila – 2015 will be here sooner than we think

The Global Diaspora Network is planning to have a major global forum on diaspora in Manila in 2015.  In preparation, GDN is mobilizing prayer for the forum and for diaspora issues.  Since TIBM has been a part of GDN more or less since the start, we’re passing these prayer points on (and will do so probably on a monthly basis).  Please feel free to invite others to pray about these things too.

Pray for the GDN scheduled dinner on the week of July 23-26.  Board members Dr. Ted Yamamori and Dr. Joy Tira will be in Manila to present vision among select business leaders.  This is also a fund raising dinner in anticipation of the Forum.  Pray that they will be able to carefully select the business leaders and raise needed funds.  Pray for the safe travel and arrival of both Dr. Yamamori and Dr. Tira.

Please pray for the design team led by Cody which is planning the evening sessions for the Diaspora forum.  The team will be younger leaders focusing on creating catalytic, conversational, and creative times to close each day of the Forum.  Pray that God will give the team wisdom in this planning process.  The next six months will be critical for developing the essential components of these sessions.

Pray for all the editors and contributing editors working on the diaspora missiology compendium (a book that will be like Perspectives for diaspora missions) that the research and writing of all the articles will be submitted on time.

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