Diaspora Missiology: from the classroom to the world

A group of diaspora missiology leaders are currently gathered in Singapore to discuss how to boost the study of diaspora and mission at Bible colleges, seminaries, ministry training centers and so on. Borderless is honored to be a part of this group.

Please ask God to give the group wisdom and good communication skills as they work on:

  • recommendations for content and syllabi for introductory courses
  • recommendations for core topics in degree programs
  • a model curriculum to train local church members
  • promotion for Scattered and Gathered: a Global Compendium of Diaspora Missiology, which is scheduled to be available this spring
  • development of other methods to advance diaspora missiological studies

Please pray that more Christ-centered learning institutions will offer opportunities to study diaspora missiology. Pray that as more people learn about and study the opportunities and challenges of diaspora for God’s kingdom, the Church will become better equipped to bring the good news to the world today.

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