Discipling Teens Together

One of our interns, Andy, has been spending time almost every day with three Bhutanese Nepali teenage guys.  Not only have these guys become good friends, but Andy is also trying to help them to walk with Jesus more closely.  One of the guys has made a public commitment to follow Christ but the other two have not.  Their interest levels in the things of God seem to vary a great deal.

Please ask God to give K, D and R a love and hunger for His Word.  Pray that they will eagerly consume it in various forms — by reading and studying the Bible, by listening to and meditating on the Bible and teachings from the Bible, by listening to and worshiping with Scripture-based songs.

These guys are comfortable in English but their heart language is Nepali.  However, their reading skills in traditional Nepali script are not that great.  Please pray that their language situation will not hinder their knowledge of the Lord and that K, D and R will take advantage of the resources which are currently available to them.

Please pray that K, D and R will seek to honor Jesus with their lives.  Pray that Andy will continue to be a positive example of a devoted Christ-follower to them.  Pray that as they turn towards Christ and follow Him, their lives will be transformed in such a way that the Bhutanese Nepali guys they hang out with, their classmates of many nations, and their families will acknowledge God’s hand at work.

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