ESL Picnic in the Backyard

Eating yummy food is something that almost everyone can enjoy.  Eating yummy food at someone else’s house is also lots of fun.  So, two of our ESL teachers (and TIBM-ers) are hosting a picnic this Saturday in their backyard.  This lovely home is within walking distance of many of our students’ homes.

Thank God for providing this home with a convenient location and suitable space!  Please pray for pleasant weather and dry ground.  Pray that many ESL students will be able to attend and will enjoy the food and fellowship.  May the Lord be at work in conversations and in the other interactions.  Pray that students who want to learn more about following Jesus will form deeper relationships with other students or teachers who follow Jesus.

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2 thoughts on “ESL Picnic in the Backyard

  1. Picnic has been postponed until next Saturday, as this Saturday’s forecast is decidedly un-picnic-like. We plan on sharing about how the Lord loves all peoples and giving gifts personalized for the students’ languages. Please keep praying!

  2. Thanks for praying! The weather was a bit on the chilly side, but the students and teachers had a fun time. It was amazing to see on a map some of the places that the two dozen or so people have been to. Praise God for the way He has brought us together in friendship for His purposes.

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