Everything’s on the table

Last night, TIBM the church met for a time of reflection and dreams.  We briefly discussed what was encouraging, what was hindering, what was missing, what we saw God do, what we hoped He might do.  As we believe our participation in the Lausanne Congress was a pivotal moment for TIBM, we need to seek the Lord together to know His plans for us.  We would especially appreciate your prayers for us during these next few weeks as we continue to reflect and dream.

Please pray for us to center ourselves and relationships with each other around Christ.

Pray that we will individually and corporately offer everything to the Lord and take back only what He give us.

Pray that each of us would clearly discern what the Lord has called us to do.  Pray that we would then be confident in saying no to the things which would hinder our obedience.

Pray that as a church we will find ways to minister together.  We do quite a bit of ministry as individuals but don’t have many times we all minister together at the same time in the same place.

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