Please pray for a family who recently joined the TIBM church.  Eric, Angela and Noah are new to the Chicagoland area and are expecting a baby boy to arrive very soon.

Ask the Lord to give Angela a healthy and comfortable rest of the pregnancy.  Pray that the delivery will go very smoothly and that the Lord will give wisdom and skill to the medical team.  Pray that the baby will be healthy.

Ask the Lord to protect and strengthen Eric and Angela’s marriage and their relationships with Noah during this major time of transition.  Pray that Noah will welcome his baby brother and learn to be more patient and selfless even as an energetic toddler.  Pray that new friends and neighbors will help provide the support that this young family needs.  Pray that the family will turn to the Lord for the rest and strength they need each day.

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2 thoughts on “Expecting

  1. Praise God! The baby arrived this morning. Please pray for amazing rest times for Angela (especially) and Eric too as they were in the hospital overnight.

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