From generation to generation

Recently we have witnessed several negative situations involving youth — children, teenagers and single young adults.

Please pray specifically for positive resolutions for the A, B and S families.  Ask God to bring healing to individuals and to the families.

Please pray for parents who claim to be believers to grow to be more and more like Christ, to model Christ-like behavior as parents and to train their children in righteousness.  Pray that they will be good stewards of these gifts from the Lord.

Pray for the children and youth involved with TIBM, Tensae Church, Karen Baptist Church and TriEak Parmewshwar Mandali to hear the Lord with their own ears, entrust their lives to their Heavenly Father and seek to honor Him as well as their parents.

Pray for both parents and children to use discernment, that they will not confuse following Jesus with adopting American culture (or retaining/rejecting Ethiopian, Karen, Nepali or some other culture).

Please pray for wisdom for Jeri and Sarah, who lead our ministry among the next generation.  Pray that the Lord will also help them to show cultural sensitivity.

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