From Uganda to Nepal, Cape Town to Chicago

This week, we are excited to welcome a dear sister, Gloria, for a brief visit.  Gloria is from and currently lives in Uganda, where she started and runs a coffee shop whose profits assist children who have been deeply affected by HIV/AIDS.  Several months out of the year, TIBM collects change to donate towards this ministry.  But before that, she lived in Nepal for some time.  Gloria was one of the participants at Cape Town 2010, the third Lausanne Congress.  Gloria and Cody met there and, in an answer to prayer, she was able to give the encouragement and support Cody needed during the Congress.

Praise God for the opportunity to fellowship with Gloria in person!  Pray that we will bless each other greatly over these next few days.  As Gloria visits Bhutanese Nepali families in our community, pray that they will see and welcome a fuller picture of the body of Christ.  May the Christocentric satsangs be encouraging and helpful to Gloria.  Pray that TIBM will find ways to strengthen our connection to the ministry among Ugandan children.  Ask God to give all of us wisdom as we discuss the possibility of partnering together to minister to Nepalis affected by human trafficking.

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  1. Thanks for praying for Gloria’s visit. It was a really nice time of fellowship and we were all sad to have to say goodbye. Please continue to pray for our ongoing partnerships in Uganda, Nepal, and beyond!

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