Give thanks to the Lord!

Thank God for His provision for our daily needs and for special events or special needs.

Thank God for continuing to provide opportunities for us to extend His Kingdom among more and more people.

Thank God for new Nepali works that have been started in other cities in partnership with TIBM.

Thank God for assembling a great team of cross-cultural workers at TIBM.

Praise God for being the God of all comfort, who comforts those who mourn.

Thank God for the people who truly delight in supporting this ministry.

Praise God for the opportunities we have to encourage and help train other believers from around the world.

Praise God for potential new workers.

Praise God for the growth we are seeing in the International Youth Group

Praise God for COD students who actually want to reach out to their student body and community.

Thank God for providing a regular ESL childcare worker.

Thank God for providing an additional Karen Sunday School teacher.

Thank God for growing Sunday School classes and faithful Sunday School teachers.

Praise God for the beautiful weather that helps people to be in better moods and more receptive to conversation about Christ.

Thank God for the faithfulness of certain Karen youth who invite friends from different cultures and religious backgrounds to church or Bible study.

Thank God for Nepali Christians who have remained strong in their faith in the face of persecution.

Praise God for good mission teams that make our jobs easier and not more difficult.

Praise God for providing for our team financially.

Praise God for making it possible for our semester missionary Katie to be here and continuing to meet her financial needs each month.

Praise God for the families who faithfully attend TPM each week.

Praise God for the movement toward Christ-centered unity among different fellowships at COD.

Thank God for Tensae II, an Ethiopian church plant in Chicago, that was planted last  year.

Praise God for bringing each one of us here to serve.

Praise God for the network of supporters who pray for us and give to our ministry each month.

Praise God for the signs and wonders He performs around us.

Thank God with us for His continued supply, in every way, for our ministry here.

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