Giving Christmas meaning

The College of DuPage students who are part of 1Stone participated in Operation Christmas Child and put together seven shoeboxes full of gifts and needed toiletries.  Please pray for the seven children who receive these packages as well as their families to know the love of Christ.  Pray for the 1Stone students to continue to find creative and practical ways throughout the year to demonstrate the good news to others.

Please pray for the ESL time on Thursday evening, December 16th, as part of the time will focus on the story of Jesus’ birth.  Each class will be hearing in detail one part of the story and making ornaments related to that section.  Please pray that each class will understand their section well and see God’s love and plan.  Pray that students will continue to see God’s love through the teachers, helpers and other students who are His people.

As the Christmas lights twinkle and carols fill the airwaves on the radio and in stores, please pray that we will seize opportunities in everyday life to share the story of Jesus’ birth with those around us.  Pray that the way we celebrate the Christmas season will clearly show our faith and hope in our Savior.

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  1. The ESL Christmas party time was okay. The classes seemed to do well with their sections, but things kind of took longer than expected and several activities at the end — including a brief telling of the whole Christmas story — were quite rushed. We do feel like the students understood their sections & hope that they will remember the lessons from those sections. Thanks for praying!

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