Global Diaspora Network’s Annual Meeting (This time, it’s Manila!)

In a few days, the Global Diaspora Network international leaders are meeting for the third time (in person) in Manila, Philippines.  TIBM has been blessed to be a part of the network from its beginning in 2011 when our senior pastor and team leader Cody was asked to serve as a GDN catalyst.

One of the major agenda items for this meeting is making on the ground preparations for a major global diaspora forum to be held in Manila in 2015.  Please pray that the planning and preparing process will go smoothly.  (Some of these leaders are, uh, not gifted with details so this is an important request.)

Another major agenda item involves working on a compendium of diaspora missiology.  The GDN hopes this collection of articles will be a useful one-stop resource for the student and the practitioner.  There is no such thing currently available.  The leaders putting the compendium together have some important decisions to make.  Ask God to give them wisdom and to guide each step of making this resource.  Pray that it will be completed in time to be distributed at the forum in 2015.

Please pray that the Lord will give Cody peace during  his travels.  Pray that his time in Manila will be safe and pleasant.

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