Global Prayer Summit 2016

In four weeks, our director of prayer mobilization will be traveling to Cape Town, South Africa, to take part in a global prayer summit. The organizers describe three main goals for this small gathering of two or three dozen leaders:

1) Seek the Lord to hear from Him corporately

2) Develop stronger relationships between globally focused prayer leaders and ministries

3) Develop and build into common visionary prayer mobilization for the nations

The summit is being held in Cape Town, the birthplace of the Global Day of Prayer. It is scheduled to coincide with Passover, when God delivered His people by His mighty hand, in anticipation of seeing God do something big!

Please pray that this global prayer summit will meet its goals. Pray that the Spirit will give those who attend unity and that they will hear from the Lord together. Pray that they will be eager to learn from and encourage each other during the summit and afterwards.
Please pray that this summit will lead to the global Church becoming more attuned to God’s plans and more united in prayer for the advancing of God’s kingdom.
Please ask God to meet the needs of all those attending the summit. Pray for financial provision, safe travels, quick adjustments to time zone differences, smooth logistics, etc. Pray for God’s protection over the families of those who attend.

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