Going to East Africa with a Simple Superstar

Over the next few weeks, Pastor Talargie and Cody will be visiting Ethiopia and Uganda with “India’s first YouTube star”, Wilbur Sargunaraj. Wilbur uses his entertaining videos in order to promote cultural intelligence and to encourage the respectful treatment of all people — values we certainly share. We are excited that he has agreed to partner with us to make several videos highlighting people involved with our ministry partners, Goh Bright Future and Endiro.  Not only will these videos join Wilbur’s ever-growing global collection, they will also be tools to help us share about these ministries so that more people can get involved and more lives can be impacted.

Please pray for the video-making process.  Pray that these videos will clearly portray individuals and communities who are not simply cute, brown faces or objects of pity or curiosity but beautiful people who have value and unique gifts to share.  Pray that the team will find an able cameraman and talkative interview subjects.  Pray that lots of footage will be usable so that quality videos may be produced.

There are plans for a community-wide gathering with music, dancing and food in each country.  Please pray for positive interactions as Wilbur, the ministries and the community have a chance to share with each other.  Pray that everyone will see the blessings of the Creator who watches over all of us and gives unity to people of diverse backgrounds.

Please pray for the strengthening of these ministries:

  • Goh Bright Future now has three locations — two all-day schools and one after-school — with a total enrollment of a few hundred students.  GBF has also helped start 42 churches across remote areas of Ethiopia in the past 14 months.  We believe the Lord would have us touch the lives of thousands more children and about two thousand more villages.  Pray that God will provide all the resources necessary to make this a reality.  Pray that this latest trip will help advance the multiplication of this ministry.
  • Endiro now also has three coffee shop locations — two in Kampala and one in Mbale.  We believe the Lord would have Endiro keep starting new shops but also expand the business to include everything from growing coffee beans to managing a shop.  This would provide training and job opportunities for children such as those currently in the orphanage-school where Endiro sends its profits.  Please pray for wisdom and insight as Cody and Endiro’s founder Gloria develop a business plan with this vision in mind.  Pray that this time would also greatly encourage Gloria.

Please pray for safe and pleasant journeys for everyone.  Ask God’s blessings on this international team’s interactions — that He would protect them from divisiveness and all other evil and provide humility, effective communication and much grace.  Pray that the Lord will soon provide financially for all the expenses related to this trip.

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One thought on “Going to East Africa with a Simple Superstar

  1. Your Dad and I will be sending something soon for this trip. I will say this one worries us more for some reason and so will be praying daily for all of you.

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