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This is our church van, a 15 passenger 1991 Ford Club Wagon which was donated to us and which we have affectionately named Isaac the Nevus of Ota.  We use this van every Sunday, Thursday and Friday in order to transport people to Sunday School, Sunday worship services, English classes, and international youth group.  Most of the people are unable to drive.  For many of these people, the family members who can drive are either not able to take them due to work schedules or not motivated to drive because they do not follow Jesus.

Right now, the air system blowers do not work.  Without a way to defrost the windows, we are concerned that we cannot safely drive the van.  Of slightly less importance is that the heating system is broken and the ride therefore is rather uncomfortable during our long, cold Chicago winter.

Using the van has helped us remove one of the many hindrances to people hearing and celebrating the good news of Jesus Christ.  Some of these people are from unreached people groups and had never heard about Jesus before getting involved in these ministries.  Please pray that God will continue to provide a way for these children, youth, seniors, and other adults with low English skills to get to these ministries where they are able to encounter Christ.

Here are some other possibilities which you can pray about and, with the Lord’s leading, act upon.

Pray that God will quickly provide $1,000 to make the needed repairs to the van so it can be driven safely on Friday.  (You or a dozen of your closest friends can donate here or by sending a check to TIBM at 112 Horizon Cir, Carol Stream, IL 60188.)

Pray that God will move in the hearts of skilled mechanics to repair the van at a deep discount or for free.

Pray that God will give us a different van that is in better condition.  While we’re at it, we might as well pray that the cool air conditioning and both gas tanks will work on the new one.

Pray that God will move in the hearts of family members who are able to drive to make helping their relatives get to these ministries a priority.  Pray that these family members will turn to Christ.

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  1. Thanks for praying. We were able to get the repairs done quickly, but the van is still not very reliable. Please continue to pray for our transportation needs.

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