Help us to stand firm

A sleepless night.  A lingering cold.  Bedbugs and cockroaches.

A slashed tire.  A broken car window.

Not understanding the mail or the forms the children bring home from school.

A husband and wife hardly seeing each other because they work opposite shifts.  A husband and wife seeing each other all the time because neither can find a job.  A spouse who has difficulty controlling his/her temper.

A co-worker who says, “You became a Christian only because Christians gave you driving lessons.”

Spiritual attacks can come in many forms, from full-on assaults (like the stoning of Stephen) to subtle infiltrations (“You won’t die if you eat the fruit”).  Even something as “small” as the common cold can hinder one’ ability to work, cause stress and lead to discouragement.  The people of TIBM and our sister churches have faced these specific attacks, most quite recently, and would appreciate your prayers.

We don’t expect attacks to stop.  Instead, we ask that you pray for us to be able to stand firm.  Please pray against discouragement, despair and depression.  Pray that believers will abide in Christ, maintain heavenly perspectives, receive encouragement from the Word and from God’s people and continually put our hope in the Lord.  For those who have shown interest in following Christ but have not yet made commitments to do so, pray that these attacks will not hinder them but actually draw them closer to the Lord and that they will soon accept His complete protection.

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One thought on “Help us to stand firm

  1. During the last few weeks, many of these attacks have consumed so much of my time. My days off, my sermon preparation, important office work, family time, and more have all suffered. Three times in three weeks I’ve helped Nepalis to make reports to police. And just yesterday, another Nepali had their tires slashed. We really need your prayers!

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