Helper of the Fatherless

Please pray for the M family, the P family and the S family as they deal with family members in jail or in immigration detention.

Mr. M, Mr. P and Mr. S have been accused with or convicted of serious charges.  They have attended worship services in the past. Please pray that they will turn away from the sinful thoughts and behaviors and turn to Christ for forgiveness.  Pray that Mr. M, Mr. P and Mr. S might grow closer to the Lord during this time.

Mrs. S does not work outside the home, spending most of her time taking care of her young, special-needs child.  Of the three older children, one of them is still in high school and another has a part-time job.  Mrs. P also has several young kids to take care of.  Mrs. M recently gave birth to their first child.

Please ask God to provide — financially, emotionally, and spiritually — for these families.  Pray that they will find strength and comfort in the Lord.  Pray that they will be able to look at their situations with truth and grace.  Pray that followers of Jesus will be compassionate towards these women and children.

May the Lord bring healing and hope to all those Mr. M, Mr. P and Mr. S have wronged.

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