How beautiful are the hands of those who bring good news

Henna (mehndi) has been used for many years by women from many parts of the world — including North Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia — to temporarily dye hair or decorate the skin.  When henna is used to make designs on the skin, usually on hands, arms or feet, the design will last for several days to even a couple weeks.  It is very common for women to put on henna designs before major celebrations such as weddings and festivals.

Some followers of Jesus have developed designs which can be used to share stories from the Bible.  After the henna design is applied, a follower of Jesus can share a story and point to symbols in the design that relate to the story.  As long as the design lasts, the woman has a reminder of the story and can use her own hand as a visual aid to tell others the story too.  You can read more about how this has been done in South Asia here.

TIBM and TPM are planning on using a henna story parties to help Bhutanese Nepali women follow Christ.  We plan on having two types of parties: one for young women who are high school or college aged and the other for married women.  Some of these women have committed to follow Jesus while others have not.  All of them have friends and family members who do not follow Christ.  Our hope is that through these henna story parties, these women will encounter the Lord and will share their experiences with the people around them.

Praise God that we will be able to have a henna story party with the young women on July 4th.  Please pray that we will be able to have one for the married women soon after.

Please pray that the Lord will speak through the women sharing the stories at the parties and that the Spirit will open the hearts of the hearers to understand and believe.  Pray that the henna designs on the hands will turn out well and that they will be used to communicate truth with many people.  Pray that God’s Word will be remembered long after the designs fade.

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One thought on “How beautiful are the hands of those who bring good news

  1. Thanks for praying. The young women had a fantastic time henna-ing on July 4. Some of the married women who saw the designs were eager to have a henna story party too. Our happiness quickly turned to sorrow as the next morning we learned about the Bhutanese Nepali man’s death. Please pray that we will be sensitive to this issue as we plan more henna storying times.

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