“How can we not cry?”

Earlier this year, we asked you to pray for some of our friends, a Mandaean family from Iraq.  Today we give an update and ask you to pray again.

S, the man we mentioned before with stage 4 cancer, is having surgery at the end of August.  Having the surgery is risky but without the surgery, he has very little time left.  Please ask our merciful Father to heal S.  Pray that S will have a chance to hear the good news of Jesus Christ in his heart language of Arabic before the surgery.  Pray that the Lord Himself will bring peace and comfort to S and his family.

This surgery comes while the family is mourning the deaths of two loved ones.  S’s wife H and her sister have been in mourning since the passing away of their mother in Iraq two months ago.  The mother’s health had been slowly declining due to her advanced age.

Several weeks ago, the Syrian conflict brought more grief to this family.  While S and H had been resettled as refugees in the States, their daughter and her family had left Iraq for Syria, thinking they would be safer there.  The only child of S and H’s daughter was fatally wounded while shopping when a bomb exploded nearby.  The boy was 14 years old.  His father was injured and his mother, who was in another city at the time, had to be hospitalized upon hearing the news.

During the initial mourning period for this boy, S and H’s niece explained that according to their traditions, they were not supposed to shed tears.  WIth great sadness, she asked, “But how can we not cry?”

Please pray that this family would lean upon Jesus, who wept with Mary and Martha.  Pray that they would experience Jesus as the resurrection and the life.  As some family members may wear mourning clothes for the next six months to a year, ask God to give them garments of praise.  May the Lord use these sufferings to bring this family to the Truth.

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