How to adopt a neighborhood in prayer

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Only God is able to bring new life to the spiritually dead and revive the hearts of the spiritually sick. Through prayer, we connect to the One who is able to make things happen. If we do not have a strong foundation of prayer, we will end up depending on our strength instead of on Almighty God. If we want to see God’s kingdom advance, we must communicate with the King!

  1. Pray on site. By praying on location, you usher in God’s presence there in a special way and you can observe God’s activity. Listen for what God is saying. Look for what God is doing. Praying on site includes worship, confession, petition, intercession, declaration of Scripture and listening. Pray with someone else when possible. Don’t try to multi-task by passing out flyers or knocking on doors; let prayer be the work.
  2. Pray against the enemy’s schemes. Identify and pray at strongholds of evil related to the community. These may be places of false worship, places of ongoing sin, and so on. They may be located at your site or otherwise have special significance for people living in your site. Remember our struggle is not against flesh and blood (Eph 6:12).
  3. Pray in unity. Pray at/with like-minded churches and ministries at or near your site. Psalm 133 promises God’s blessing when His people come together in unity.
  4. Pray continually. Our God is King of all the earth, so you can intercede for people living at or working in the community you have adopted anytime, anywhere. He’s also our Heavenly Daddy, no matter how we feel or what we have done on a particular day; we can always go to Him.
  5. Be persistent. The walls of Jericho fell after seven days of the Israelites marching in worship around them, after 40 years of the inhabitants having heard of the Lord’s might (Josh 2:9-10). It may be that your prayers are the first “contact” with the gospel for some people in your adopted community. Seek to be faithful and leave the timing in God’s hands.
  6. Expect God to show up. Take note of Scriptures that are brought to mind while praying. When you see God answer prayers, give a testimony of thanks. Share what God puts on your heart with others so that the Church can joyfully obey together.



A few recommended resources

Prayerwalking: Praying On Site with Insight by Steve Hawthorne & Graham Kendrick

Authority Encounter: Embracing God’s Mission for You by Chuck Davis

Operation World edited by Jason Mandryk

Joshua Project

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