How to pray for us during Global Diaspora Forum #GDF2015

The Global Diaspora Forum will begin in about a week!

We are ridiculously busy trying to finish preparing and getting ourselves packed so we’re going to direct you to a page on the Global Diaspora Network’s new website (the old one was hacked a couple weeks ago) to explain the purpose of the Forum.

Next we’re going to direct you to GDN’s new website for prayer resources so you can see how you can sign up to help cover the Forum in prayer around the clock and how you can pray both for the Forum and for diaspora issues.  The hacking of the former GDN website was just one of many spiritual attacks against the Forum in recent weeks.  Please pray for the Forum and invite others to join you!

Lastly, here’s an update on how you can pray for TIBM’s involvement:

1. Praise God for taking care of all our expenses.  We have been surprised and humbled by the ways God has provided through His people.  We thank God that we are even able to contribute significantly toward the expenses of the prayer ministry at the Forum.

2. Please pray for physical and spiritual protection over Cody, Katherine, Gloria, Vincent & all others involved with the Forum.

3. Pray for Cody as he organizes a detailed, minute by minute schedule for the Forum, leads a plenary session on the role of the church and diaspora, leads 6 breakout sessions on the same topic, helps lead the more reflective (non-academic) evening sessions, consults for the Lausanne Global Classroom, and manages social media presence.

4. Pray for Katherine as she oversees the onsite prayer ministry at the Forum and keeps global intercessors informed.

5. Pray for Gloria, Vincent and others as they help lead the evening sessions.

6. Pray for meetings to develop new partnerships for TIBM.  One particular goal involves finding people to help with Endiro’s expansion.

7. Pray for our people and ministries in Chicagoland, Uganda and Ethiopia — where the ideas of the Forum are lived out.

Thanks for praying!

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