“I said ten, but they trained 20.”

We’re excited to report that the first set of church planters with Goh Bright Future have completed their training.  Instead of the ten that Pastor Talargie asked for, there will be twenty church planters.  They are finishing their preparations now and will begin their active assignments in September.

Please ask God to give Talargie wisdom as he matches these twenty church planters with sponsoring individuals and churches.  As there are not quite enough existing sponsors for twenty, please pray that God will provide the rest of the sponsors before September.  (Is one of them you?)  Ask God to enable these church planters to speak the Word with boldness, to stretch out His hand to heal, and to give signs and wonders when people pray in the name of Jesus.  It may seem far fetched, but we’d like to see 2020 church planters by the year 2020. Whether or not we make that goal, please pray that God will raise up more church planters & their sponsors. Pray that many people in Ethiopia living in darkness will see the Light of the world and be filled with hope and joy.

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