In search of more “bacon”

TIBM — as a team and as a church — depends financially on God’s provision through His people.

Everyone on the team gets paid according to the generosity of believers.  Some of us receive monthly stipends through our denomination, but all of us must raise our own support to earn a livable income.  Even before the recession hit, we were all barely making ends meet.  Now, it has become increasingly difficult to do so.

Praise the Lord that He has provided this opportunity for us to trust Him more.  Praise Him for always being faithful to meet our needs.  Praise the Lord for blessing us beyond what we deserve and beyond our basic needs.

Pray that each member of the team will be able to receive a paycheck every month.  Pray that the paychecks will be close to the budgeted amount for each salary.  Pray for our current financial supporters to be able to continue to give.  Pray that the Lord will raise up more supporters.

Pray that TIBM will be able to continue to cover the expenses of our 15 passenger van.  We use this van at least three days a week to bring people to church for worship and other ministries, so it uses quite a bit of gas and requires frequent maintenance.

Pray that followers of Jesus who attend TIBM and her church plants will cheerfully give to the Lord’s work, whatever their financial situations.  Pray that they will practice God-honoring financial stewardship, storing up treasures in heaven.  Some people are reluctant to give because most of the so-called religious leaders they knew before were dishonest and greedy; pray that our team will model integrity and selflessness.

Pray that the Lord will lead into partnerships with TIBM other believers, churches, and organizations who wish to make financial investments in His work.

Pray that as our denomination undergoes significant reorganization, it will continue to financially support the ministries among the least-reached and least-engaged people groups in Chicagoland for the Lord’s glory among the nations.

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2 thoughts on “In search of more “bacon”

  1. TIBM recently received a financial gift which provided for most of the expenses for our Diwali gathering, ensured that every team member had a paycheck for last month and contributed to a major expense of one of the pastors. Praise God!

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