Interfaith Dialogue at the College of DuPage

One of our interns, Abby, has been focusing on the around 30,000 students at the College of DuPage, the local community college.  Recently, the Lord has brought Abby in contact with several students who are part of the Muslim Student Association there.  The MSA is the most active faith-based group on campus.

Abby plans on pursuing interfaith dialogue with these students.  Please pray that these students will be able to meet with Abby regularly to discuss faith.  Pray that Abby and the students will be able to clearly articulate their beliefs so that everyone will better understand each other’s faiths.  Pray that where there are differences in beliefs, they will be careful to listen well and to communicate with respect.  Pray that their discussions will lead to God bringing to light what is true and what is not in their own ways of thinking.  Pray that the Lord will reveal Himself in special ways to Abby and the students as they interact.

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