Introducing Goh Bright Future (part 2): Vision 2020

Last December, our dear friend and senior pastor of Tensae Church, Talargie Tafesse, took a trip to his home country of Ethiopia.  This was his first trip back since coming to the States about eight years ago for graduate studies at Wheaton College.  Pastor Talargie’s purpose in this trip was to look for what God was doing and what plans the Lord might have for him.  Yesterday, we began sharing how you can pray for Goh Bright Future, the ministry he is called to lead.

Although Ethiopia has a very old and strong history of people following the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the majority of Ethiopians today do not have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.  The two largest religious groups are Muslims and Ethiopian Orthodox Church members, many of whom need a meaningful presentation of the gospel truth. The practice of forms of African Traditional Religion is very common.

Goh Bright Future envisions planting many new churches in partnership with the existing denominations. Godly leaders will be trained and sent out to villages and towns across the country.  They will share the good news of Jesus Christ with those who do not yet follow Him and begin churches among the new disciples.  Based on Pastor Talargie’s extensive experience leading church planters in Ethiopia, it takes about two years and US$2000 over those two years to pioneer a new church.

TIBM plans to assist the starting of dozens of churches.  Our prayer is that the TIBM sponsored churches will be among diaspora peoples living in Ethiopia — Somalis, Chinese, Sudanese, Arabs to name a few.

Praise God for this vision.  We declare that “nothing is impossible for God!”

Please pray that the Lord will call forth and raise up many godly leaders to share the message of peace in Ethiopia and beyond.  Ask that the Spirit will move throughout the hearts of Ethiopians to bring many to repentance.  Pray that God will cause many believers to give sacrificially to support a church planter.  Pray that the nations in Ethiopia will be blessed with the knowledge of Jesus Christ through these efforts.

You can visit Goh Bright Future’s website.  Also check out TIBM’s intern Andy’s creative way of getting involved with Vision 2020.

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