Jeri’s Sharing

Jeri will be travelling to Alabama for a brief financial- and prayer-support raising trip.  Originally, Jeri planned on speaking at several churches in and near her hometown.  However, the area was devastated by the many tornadoes which hit in late April, even leaving one of the churches without a usable building.  In addition, one of Jeri’s faithful supporters from the area passed away a few days ago.

Please pray that Jeri’s interactions with believers from her hometown will be mutually encouraging.  Pray that Jeri and the body of Christ there will be able to mourn and rejoice together about things that have happened in Alabama and in Chicagoland.  Pray that God will provide opportunities for Jeri to share what He has been doing in and through her life & the lives of her loved ones here.  Pray that Jeri’s time with her parents will also be refreshing and helpful.  Ask God to raise up at least a dozen more prayer supporters for Jeri and $500 more a month for her income.

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